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Baby Whisperer Wellness

transforming chaos to calm

All parents are new parents, whether you have other children or not. Every birth experience is unique and requires individual adaptation and care. Baby Whisperer Wellness offers the professional, knowledgeable, supportive care you want and need for your new baby. With compassion and integrity, we ease any anxiety and worries the unknown of new parenting may bring.

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Overwhelmed? We can help.


At Baby Whisperer Wellness we know that all of your firsts can be overwhelming when you don’t have someone experienced there to guide you through your birth journey. From pregnancy, breastfeeding, umbilical cord care, to the first bath at home, nutrition, circumcision care, and bonding with your newborn, we are there to help you build your confidence as a parent.


We believe that all parents need to be comfortable feeding, handling, and caring for their newborn. So our professional doulas make sure dads, partners, and siblings are just as familiar with taking care of their infant as moms are.


There are so many distractions with a newborn. You have to take care of them and all their “stuff”, and you have to take care of yourself. Moms have to recover from birth. All parents are a bit sleep deprived, and overwhelmed by the new little life that now must assimilate into the family. In our time together we will show you how to build trust with your new baby and stay connected as a family.

What is a Doula?

A postpartum doula provides emotional and physical support to you and your newborn when you bring your new baby home. A certified doula has been properly trained to understand what new moms and new babies truly need. The doula helps with soothing techniques, offers lactation and bottle feeding support, and can help explain normal newborn behavior and postpartum recovery expectations. They will advise you on care for the newborn and mom, help you with recovery from childbirth, and give you guidance on   bonding with your new baby.

A labor or birth doula provides prenatal support and continuous care during labor and delivery to nurture and empower mothers.  Numerous clinical trials have shown that support from a doula can possibly have a shorter labor, lower your chance of having a C-section, and improve maternal and infant health outcomes.

Why hire a Doula from Baby Whisperer Wellness?

When you choose to hire a Doula from Baby Whisperer Wellness you’re hiring years of background, experience, education, and resources for everything to do with your newborn baby.


“As a parent and caregiver myself, I have empathy for the families I work with. Through patience, education and communication, I strive to set you on the path to being the best parents you can be.”  -Lisa Larsen

Meet The Baby Whisperer

“I want my clients to feel happy, supported, informed, and cared for. I’m passionate about educating, and encouraging them, and making sure that they are well equipped to care for their newborn after I’m gone.”

Lisa Larsen

With 30 years of pediatric, maternity, post-natal, and post-partum nursing experience and six years as an active doula, it’s only natural for Lisa to step in and know how to soothe and care for an infant as well as a worried parent. Lisa is and has been a professional and trusted source for dozens of families. Her years of experience as an educator, nurse, doula, childcare specialist and wellness and nutrition coach have heightened her intuition for working with babies. She has seen almost all the symptoms newborns may experience and she’s been through an abundance of situations where she was able to calm the chaos and handle whatever challenges arose.


At Baby Whisperer Wellness Lisa chooses experienced and certified experts for her team so her clients can rest easy knowing that they and their families are under the best care.

Lisa’s Education:


  • American College of Education 2019, M.Ed in Health and Wellness

  • Institute of Integrated Nutrition, Certified Holistic Health Coach 2005

  • Boston University School of Public Health, Maternal-Child Health Certification 2002

  • Northeastern University, 1993 BSN Bachelors of Nursing

LDC Labor Doula Certification 2022
Infant Massage Instructor 2001 & 2017
PPD Postpartum Doula Certification 2016
Lactation Educator 2016
Institute of Integrated Nutrition, Certified Holistic Health
Coach 2005
Reflexology Certification 2003
Boston University School of Public Health, Maternal-Child Health Certification 2002
CPR Infant and Adult Annual Certification

Full Spectrum Birth Services

Postpartum Doula Services

We provide everything from hands-on help day and night to resources you can rely on when our time together comes to an end. Our specialty is transforming chaos to calm and that’s what we’ll do during the first few weeks and months of your life with your newborn. Whether it’s your first baby or fourth, we can help your family adapt to your new little one.


We use our knowledge and years of experience to help you seamlessly and confidently transition to life with your new baby. We care for you and your family while you heal and rest. Your postpartum doula will help you process the many emotions that come with pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, and we do so with compassion and competency. We are there for you!


Here’s a sample of what we provide, personalized to your needs:

  • Emotional support

  • Resource for services

  • Breastfeeding and bottlefeeding support

  • Teaching newborn care

  • Recovery Care for mom  

  • Ease siblings through the transition

  • Daily assessments of mom’s recovery 

  • Share soothing techniques to calm baby

  • Care for the baby while parents sleep, rest, shower, etc.

  • Information about newborn care from trusted sources

  • Guidance for any breastfeeding challenges you may face

  • Postpartum support based on you and your family’s needs

  • Tasks associated with baby - cooking, staying with baby so parents can have rest time

  • Infant breast, bottle, or formula feeding and care and cleaning for the necessary supplies

Daytime sessions: 4 hours or more, Days and time frame discussed and set up prior to contract

Nighttime Sessions: 8 hours or more, Days and time frame discussed and set up prior to contract

Birth Doula Services

Before the baby is born, your birth doula will spend time getting to know you  and learn about how you ideally want your birth story to go. You can connect with her during your pregnancy with any questions or concerns. When you hire a Baby Whisperer Wellness birth doula, you will be able to contact them 24 hours a day, seven days a week for two weeks before and after your estimated due date.


Here’s what your birth doula will provide:


  • Give their full attention to you and your needs

  • Emotional support during the whole process

  • Guide you through your first breastfeeding experience right after birth

  • Show you and your partner physical comfort techniques to use during the labor and birth

  • Support you through the birthing process and keep communicating with your doctor keep you informed of how things are progressing

  • Advocate for and with you during birth to the best of our ability and discuss any necessary changes together as labor progresses

Doula Services
Pospartum Doula Services

Sleep Consultant

At Baby Whisperer Wellness, we know that when baby is happy and well rested, the family is happy and well rested. So we are passionate about helping babies and their families get consistent, restful sleep. It’s never too early to start encouraging healthy sleep habits.


Sleep consultants at Baby Whisper Wellness give parents the tools to teach their newborn to sleep through the night when they’re ready.  They also help to develop a regular, nightly routine that will provide everyone with a good night’s rest.


Sleep consulting is available online or over the phone/text. You’ll receive a written plan and text and email support for a specific amount of time.

Infant Massage Instruction

Infant massage is a wonderful way for parents/ caregivers to bond with their new baby, improve and maintain your baby’s physical well-being, and facilitate long-term feelings of connection for the whole family. It's beneficial for better sleep, bonding, digestion, circulation, neurological development and growth and development.


Right now classes are in-person but we will be adding virtual options and digital classes before the end of the year. Check back for availability and schedule.

Lactation Support

Breastfeeding is a wonderful way to feed and bond with your newborn, but it doesn’t always begin the way that new moms expect. We provide lactation support from the first day you’re home.


We are there to observe you feeding your baby, then make suggestions to make breastfeeding go as smoothly as possible for both of you.


Services are generally in-person, but virtual problem solving sessions can be arranged. If there’s an issue that requires special attention we connect you with a board certified lactation specialist.


Baby Whisperer Wellness lactation support services are incorporated into postpartum care or are tailored to the clients needs individually and last as long as the client requests. If not currently working in the home we start with an in-home visit to address any concerns you may have, and give you knowledgeable information for breastfeeding best practices. We leave you with an easy to follow care plan and offer phone and email support moving forward.

Sleep Consultant
Infant Massages
Lactation Support

"Lisa Larsen began working for us as a postpartum doula when my son was born in November.  Her first night with us was the night we brought him home from the hospital.  There were complications, sending me back to the hospital overnight with our infant.  Lisa was an angel in this situation, helping in any way we needed and staying the night with our older child as we could not reach family at that time of night.  Following this, she spent nights with us, caring for our new baby.  She is truly a baby whisperer and someone that I trust and relied on to answer my questions and know the ins and outs of babies so that they thrive in those early weeks.  In addition to caring for the baby, she helped me recover from my c-section by doing all things baby; laundry, nursery organization, cleaning bottles and pumping supplies, organizing and freezing breastmilk and having the kitchen all picked up and tidy when we woke in the morning.  Once our baby began sleeping through the night, Lisa helped us set up daytime nannying help as she has plenty of Doulas within her agency to go around, all of which hired and trusted by Lisa, which means trusted by my family.  She is just the best!!! "

 -Lauren M.




Live and Digital Courses Coming Soon!

Childbirth classes



Infant Massage


…and more!

Online Courses
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